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Ada is a Judge character created by DeviantArt User LadyJezzaboo. She was a major character in The Dark Age OCT, and was frequently accompanied by her pet Staghounds, Artemis and Apollo.


Ada's backstory is not greatly explored throughout the story, so little is known of her. It is known that she is a creation of the Storyteller, though is not among the oldest. She is inferred to have been involved in a number of the Storyteller's tales, including many of those which took place as his style of storytelling became darker and more sadistic.


Her reference sheet describes her as being kind, compassionate, and amicable, albeit strict. She has a love of children and animals, most notably dogs, and greatly dislikes violence and people who lie. She is under the false impression that she is free from the Storyteller's influence, and like some of the other Judges from The Dark Age, she actively opposes him and aids the Competitors.

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