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Tower Tournament was an OCT hosted by DeviantArt user MirChuChu from 2015-2017.


In the heart of the tower sleeps an android, whose mind holds the largest archive of information throughout the universe. Their origin remains an enigma. However, mysterious invitations have been sent throughout the universe telling of a grand tournament, hosted by the fabled "Tower". It promises the winner full access to its legendary archives. Knowledge is power after all. But what secrets does the Tower have in store for those brave enough to accept their invitation?

Each floor of the tower is comprised of the android's memories and are projected as physical holograms that could very well kill you at the wrong step. These memories contain environments from all over the universe, try to expect the unexpected. Nothing is as it seems...


- MirChuChu (ABLE)

- clickmon (Mercy)

- Magistelle (M.A.R.U.)

- LulzyRobot (Vanguard)

- Zeurel (Cassius Bonaparte)


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