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Invisible gateways transport contestants to a new tournament hosted in an ancient city. The city is alive and is rumored to "walk" as it is never in the same place twice. It is driven by an age old power to move to a new location every few days, as well as keeping these gates functional.

Once you enter the city, however, you will find it impossible to leave of your own accord. All you know is the source of the city's power is locked away by your host, who encourages new comers to fight for the chance to return from whence they came, taking with them a lovely gift basket for their troubles. Better act fast though, before the guardians of the city, golems, take away those who refuse to participate.


MirChuChuParadox )

clickmon (Satellite)

LulzyRobot (Never End)

WingedNovelist (Hui)



stupidyou3 (Cerise and Gray)

Anchortoon (X. Javier)

dax812 (Fuko and Reno)

Overshadowed (Scarecrow)

Vongulli (Ira and Raizel)

SpaceRobotDena (Token and Airm)

Nyaph (Que)

Kirrw (Amber)

KingInkbrain (Spook and Spectre)

PailKnight (Avette and Aero)

scribblecloud (Sarah and Caleb)

Kaylabirdee (Astra)

Raxion and TacosaurusRex (Mirasis and Dingo)

Treah (Kalos and Heron)

Seikame (Mara and Kepler)

MoxieMooo (Wilbur Ruberhair)

AkitheFrivolicious (Kalliope)

sarahthecat and aternova (Jasper and Xoria)

Noir-fox5 (Yuuka)

AD-Ink (Ben Hudson)

Kalhiki (Strife Creed and Prototype 7)

PonderingArt (Emma)

Stormful (Ocsid and Evoorg)

b-marble and AndrewMartinD (Cherry and Amelia)

Devicon and dragol (Quinn and Moniq)

Cranberry-Soap (Lias and Rani)

RattledMachine and 73oss (Ping and Zhanshi)

CyrilTheWizard (Harvey and Trixie)

RedFishing (Catherine and Snow)

Zeurel (Lariat and Triangle)

cosmographia (Bells and Schnell)

Failureson (Dannicus and X)

Other Characters/ NPCs[]

The Beast


Will and Bert

Cinder Queen

Round 1[]

- Cerise and Gray vs. X.Javier

- Fuko and Reno vs. Scarecrow

- Ira and Raizel vs. Token and Airm

- Que vs. Amber

- Spook and Spectre vs. Avette and Aero

- Sarah and Caleb vs. Astra

- Mirasis and Dingo vs. Kalso and Heron

- Mara and Kepler vs. Wilbur

- Kalliope vs. Jasper and Xoria

- Yuuka [Forfeit] vs. Ben Hudson

- Strife Creed and Prototype 7 vs. Emma

- Ocsid and Evoorg vs. Cherry and Amelia

- Quinn and Moniq vs. Lias and Rani

- Ping and Zhanshi vs. Harvey and Trixie

- Catherine and Snow vs. Lariat and Triangle

- Bells and Schnell vs. Dannicus and X

Round 2[]

- Amber vs. Scarecrow

- Harvey and Trixie vs. Dannicus and X

- Sarah and Caleb vs. Lias and Rani

- Kalliope vs. Mirasis and Dingo

- Cerise and Grey vs. Ocsid and Evoorg

- Ira and Raizel vs. Strife Creed and Prototype 7

- Avette and Aero vs. Catherine and Snow

- Mara and Kepler vs. Lariat and Triangle

Round 3[]

- Cerise and Grey vs. Catherine and Snow

- Ira and Raizel vs. Ocsid and Evoorg

- Kalliope vs. Lariat and Triangle

- Scarecrow vs. Lias and Rani

Round 4 (Semifinals)[]

- Lariat and Triangle vs. Catherine and Snow

- Ira and Raizel vs. Lias and Rani

Round 5 (Finals)[]

- Lariat and Triangle vs. Ira and Raizel

Post Finals[]


- The design of the Walking City appears to have been inspired by the piece "Heart of the World"  by Peter Mohrbacher. Additionally, the character that the art piece depicts is Animar, Soul of Elements a Magic: The Gathering card which Mohrbacher also did the artwork for.

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